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Commitment to Sustainability

Legacy is serious about sustainable construction and the need to strongly promote greener cultures to all our employees and subcontractors. We are proud members of NZ Green Building Council. Legacy Construction's sustainable business practises are based on respect for the environment, staff, customers and the public.

We believe sustainability goes beyond the immediate environmental focus requiring advanced planning looking at the design and engineering aspects of a project, its functionality, the users and social aspects of consumers. If a project is designed to be energy efficient for example and special design and flows create a user-friend environment then sustainable buildings become intrinsically more economic over their lifetime reducing wastage. Greater efficient use of land, energy, water and materials are all contributing factors. If buildings are designed, engineered and well-constructed with a sustainable focus, they support greater productivity taking advantage of improved natural lighting, clean air, reduced energy consumption and buy-in from users around sustainable choices.

Legacy are motivated and choose to be actively involved in projects that promote sustainable design, engineering, procurement and construction. Wherever possible we welcome the opportunity for early engagement to provide practical solutions in sustainability.

Green Practices

We support and promote ‘green’ practices offering alternative product solutions, advise on achievable green star accreditation, waste management planning and throughout the construction lifecycle remain committed to taking an active role in protecting, restoring and caring for the environment. We seek to reduce the amount of construction and demolition waste being created thereby reducing the impact of our operations on the environment. Wherever possible we reuse material or recycle elsewhere with landfill being our last option. All site managers, staff and subcontractors’ representatives are encouraged to classify construction waste and recycle.

Lowering Emissions

In addition, Legacy and its subsidiaries take pride in reducing the impact of transport on the environment by choosing energy sources that emit less greenhouse gas (GHG) such as diesel. Our modern diesel vehicles typically have 15% lower CO2 emissions per kilometre than equivalent petrol-powered cars. Our fleet have high fuel-efficiency producing lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and with advanced emission controls make them suitable for achieving CO2 reduction targets contributing directly to climate change goals.

  • The successful build was the combination of a great and reliable team, including the Architect, Legacy project managers/construction team and sub-contractors. As the client we found all those working on the build were approachable, friendly and prepared to go to great lengths to ensure we the client , were kept informed and our never ending changes met. Hyundai NZ has no hesitation in recommending Legacy as a major partner in the construction industry.

    Howard Spencer - Managing Director Hyundai Motors New Zealand Limited

  • “Legacy Construction has really experienced personnel. Their guys on site are really proactive at driving things forward rather than waiting until something goes wrong. Where possible they try and foresee issues and, to avoid delays, give consultants advance notice so that they have adequate time to come up with a plan to resolve matters. They are very good at driving a project with regards to programming – and at looking forward and seeking information in advance to keep the work progressing.

    Craig Knox - Consult Quantity Surveyors

  • Legacy have routinely proven themselves to deliver on time and to a high quality and are a pleasure to work with. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services to others.

    David Cosgrove - Divisional Development Manager NZ AMP Capital